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The Pipelines and Product Marketing Company was set up with the objective to provide excellent customer services by transporting crude oil to the refineries and moving white petroleum products to the existing and future markets efficiently and at low cost through a safe and well maintained network of pipelines and depots. It is also part of the objectives of the company to profitably and efficiently market refined petroleum products in the domestic as well as export markets especially in the ECOWAS sub-region, provide marine services and also maintain uninterrupted movement of refined petroleum products from the local refineries.

This NNPC subsidiary has the Vision

  To be the dominant supplier of all refined petroleum
  Products to the existing domestic and growing export
  Markets within the West African sub-region.

The Mission of PPMC is:

  To ensure security of supply of petroleum products to the
  Domestic market at low operating costs
  Market special Products competitively in the domestic and international markets
  Provide excellent customer service by effectively
  Efficiently transporting crude oil to the refineries
  Moving petroleum products to the market.

The key elements of the business mission as identified by the company are: Efficient transportation of crude oil to the refineries.

  Efficient and effective evacuation of refined petroleum products from the refineries.
  Security of supply of petroleum products to the domestic markets.
  Competitive marketing of special products.
  Safe operation at minimal cost.

To actualise the objectives, vision and business mission of the PPMC, The company has continued with the implementation of the Programmes as contained in the strategic planning at inception Having consolidated in the home market, within the first few years, The company has been exploring its pipeline network to neighboring countries to earn valuable revenue. It consciously minimizes cost of services and other cost elements that go into product price determination. The company maximizes utilization of coastal vessels for products movement on a continuous basis.

It determines and meets the national level of petroleum products demand. It stimulates the consumption of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) to a significant level in the domestic energy mix. It is also responsible for the sale of special products such as Fuel Oils, Base Oil (For Lubricating Oils) Solvents, Waxes Bitumen and Sulphur, and promotes import substitution of petroleum products.